You won’t believe what’s coming to Colorado…

A few months ago I got a call to record the voice-over for 5 videos for the Colorado Department of Transportation (or CDOT) about their new partnership with Panasonic on an intelligent roadway system (the first of it’s kind in the US). It’s pretty cool. Cars will be able to interact with the road and each other to keep us safer and help reduce congestion. I know we could use that in Connecticut where I live!

The session was split into 2 days. The first day we recorded just the first video (setting up the style for the VO). I think the agency also wanted to send their client a first video to get approval before creating all the others. We recorded the other 4 in a single session a few weeks later.

Here’s a link to a playlist I made of all of them.

As always, I’d love to help bring a voice to your project, whether it’s an online video like this, or a commercial, e-training, corporate message, you name it! Contact me here!

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