Dorian & Tanya’s Story

In 2013 I worked on a fundraising video project that involved around 6 interviews for a local charity, The Bridgeport Rescue Mission. The mission has many ways it helps the community, including a mobile soup kitchen, coat drives, food drives, a community food pantry and programs to help men and women deal with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

One of the interviews was so good on it’s own that the producer at the time decided to set it aside and create a separate video from it. But after the initial A-roll cut, nothing was done and it was left dormant for a few years.

Then, in 2015, another fundraising video for the Mission fell through, and I suggested we re-visit this interview, and the communications director loved the idea. The event they where they were using the video was a fundraiser for women, and focused on the Mission’s women’s center and program.

As you can see, this story, which is a story of addiction and redemption, wrapped in a love story, was uniquely suited for the event.

I was a cameraman on the initial video shoot of the interview, but by the time we used the video I was the producer/director for the project. I worked with the DP to shoot b-roll of Tanya and Dorian in various environments, and to shoot in a semi-slow motion to convey the meaning of the passage of the year. I then worked with an editor to streamline the story, and actually change the way a few things were phrased by Tanya (we re-recorded her in 2015, see if you can figure out what we re-recorded!).

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