TV Commercial – Acting and Swiss Cheese

At the beginning of the summer I was hired to be in a TV commercial and print ads for a new “See something, say something” campaign for the state of Connecticut. The resulting TV ad turned out great, and utilized both my acting and my voice-over talent. I’m “Swiss Cheese Man”… a guy who’s distracted from the event happening at the front of the bus because he’s musing about his sandwich!

I saw the TV ad (below) and then saw an posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that featured my face! Then I got a message that a few friends had seen me on a billboard on I-84, which is surreal. I’ll have to drive by and check it out!

A lot of the on-camera work I do is for internal use, or for e-learning and I don’t get a copy I can share, so it’s nice to finally be able to share something.

The crew and cast were great, and I hope I can work with all of them again!

As always, if you need an actor, I’d love to talk with you!

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