Audio Book Narration

I’ve long thought about doing audiobook narration. A few months ago I was put in touch with an audio book publisher who was looking for more narrators to add to his stable. After some conversations and testing of my system, they asked me to narrate a book! It’s online now. It’s a religious book, and so may not be interesting to everyone, but it was fun to get into book narration.

Audio Book narration is different from normal narration. For one thing the time it takes to narrate a book is much longer than an e-learning module or video.

It also can require a little character work (especially if it is fiction). In this book there were extensive passages quote from the Bible. Some of these were narrative portions (so there was a story with characters). In this case I didn’t feel it was appropriate to go into full character voices, but I did try to convey the emotion of the character, and differentiate subtly through accent, tone and emotion, which character was speaking.

It also required less of a straight narration and more earnestness. This book was written from the first person perspective (so the author was speaking as himself). Sometimes he was passionately making a point. Other times he was giving information or telling an anecdote. I had to try to speak as the author and match the tone he wrote in.

I’m reasonably proud of the job I did, and I hope to do more in the future! If you’re interested, I do have an account on ACX, the Amazon narration portal for audio books. You can also contact me directly.

And if you are an audiobook publisher looking for more narrators, by all means get in touch and lets talk about how we can work together!

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