White Ribbon Campaign Fundraising Video

I had the privilege of producing this video on the White Ribbon Campaign for the Center for Family Justice in Bridgeport, CT. I was involved in the initial talks and contact with the center (who I’ve worked with in the past), but some of the initial video was focused only on the “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” event and was produced by another producer, and frankly some of what he did I found not up to the standard I wanted.

So, I took the project over, and after talking with the Center we re-tooled the video to cover the full White Ribbon Campaign, shot some more footage (replacing much of the original video) and tried to really hit home at the purpose of the campaign and the need for men to step up and help stop sexual and domestic abuse of women.

I think it turned out well. It was premiered at an event for men, and we shot some more video to keep updating and improving it.

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