Hard Way Home Audiobook

I got an email from an audiobook publisher that I work with a few months ago. “Want to read a book? It’s called Hard Way Home. Here’s the text.”

I said yes, as I usually do. It was a book about a woman dealing with cancer, which is admittedly not easy to read, but seemed doable. I skimmed through it. The tone seemed upbeat.

Well, then I read the first line of the main book. “She dies at the end.”

Oh boy. See, my father in law died a few years ago from cancer. And my mother in law died from cancer the year before I met my wife. And obviously, we all have other relatives and friends who have succumbed as well.

“I can deal with this, no problem. At least I know.” I thought.

Then I realized the woman’s name was Amy. Which is my wife’s name.

Needless to say, it was not the easiest read. The tone is upbeat. The story is inspiring. But yeah… you know what will happen, and so there is a sense of melancholy throughout.

The test is mostly made up of Facebook posts by the husband and wife all through the illness. Reading it you experience the ups and downs of going through this terrible disease. And you see what it looks like when someone has made peace with what will happen.

That doesn’t mean the couple doesn’t hurt. When it finally came to the end, I had to stop recording for a few minutes to stop crying. But it isn’t a “sad” ending. It’s an ending full of hope.

It also rang true to my own experience of going through having a loved one with the disease. The issues you don’t think of. The time when you know you have to talk about the hard things. The time to deal with the future you don’t want to admit will come.

On this, I wasn’t the only person narrating. The sister of the woman who died read the posts from her. I can only imagine that she had trouble too.

So, if you’re interested, follow this link to listen to a copy. It’s from a publisher called Christian Audio. I don’t think it’s shown up on Audible yet.

It was a memorable experience. I think I’ll wait for a while before I handle anything like that again!

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