Video Producer/Filmmaker

What is a filmmaker? Isn’t that pretentious?

Well, sort of. On the other hand, I don’t just edit video and audio. I shoot it as well. And I don’t just shoot and edit, I also am involved in telling the story. Whether it’s a commercial, a video for a non-profit, a video on YouTube or some other online location to promote a business, or a wedding video. I can take your need for video and move it through production and post-production.

I’ve had the privilege to direct, produce and edit many video productions over the years. I’ve done work on corporate videos, fundraising videos, commercials and product demos. I even won an Emmy for a TV show in 2013!

I find the story and make it come alive.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in a video, everything counts. The story has to be well told. The visuals need to convey the story. The music and audio need to move you.

I can fully produce your video and I offer competitive rates and quality work. Check it out below!

Let’s talk about how to bring YOUR story to life! Contact me to talk about rates and get a quote!


Here are a few specific pieces I’m proud of.