Video is motion, emotion, angles, light, darkness, sound, silence…all coming together to tell a story in a powerful and memorable way.

I was fortunate to have a childhood filled with stories told by  witty and engaging storytellers. I realized early on that  storytelling ignites the imagination: where simple things  can weigh important; alternative ideas can be persuasive;  the mundane can become exciting; where complicated topics can be more easily understood; the impossible, possible by thinking through ideas from fresh new perspectives; scary things less so, by addressing both the known and unknown with a comforting embrace….


Good storytelling requires grasping your audience’s attention with a relatable and memorable message. 


It is my passion to create compelling and engaging video content that tells the story the best way possible.


I have over 15 years of professional video and audio production experience, including as producer, director, DP, Camera op, editor… you name it! I won an Emmy in 2013 as the Director/Post Production for a regional TV show.

I currently reside and do most of my work in Connecticut and New York City, but I have traveled all over the US and overseas for work.

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I look forward to creating something amazing with you.

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