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Adventure Beyond Luxury

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

So, a few months ago I got an email from a client. "Can you send a demo? Client is looking for the slow, powerful, confident and low timbre delivery."

Ok, sure. I looked at the script. It was for the launch in Saudi Arabia of the new Lexus LX. As their description says, "An event of this scale and media coverage turned out to be historical for this country, since Saudi Arabia is just beginning to open itself to the world and has not yet hosted such global premieres. The event happened on the territory of the Tuwaiq Palace, where traditionally princes weddings take place, and it is located on the territory of the Diplomatic Quarter, an area where the embassies of various countries are located."

After a few days I was told they chose me! I got in contact with the client, and after a couple rounds of figuring out just what they wanted (they meant everything they said about slow, powerful, confident and low timbre!) I sent them the reads that made up the soundtrack for the following truly multi-media launch event!

A little background on the presentation, which is pretty darn cool. "For the presentation of the car, we prepared a multimedia pyramid inspired by local architecture, customs and traditions. This pyramid merged with a screen on the floor for breathtaking, impressive visuals. At a certain point, the rear screen pulled apart and the car entered the pyramid, accompanied by visual content. The show was based on the meanings that make up the philosophy of the Lexus brand. Digital artists concentrated not only on the technical part, but also on the emotions that the new Lexus LX gives its owner."

It's not everyday that you get to see (or hear) the VO you do for an event like this. I'm glad they uploaded this video.

So hey, are you launching a luxury car brand? Or maybe just need someone to read your words and make them sound good? Let me know if I can help! Hit that contact button up on the banner!

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