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New Release: The Heart of Business

I got an email from an audiobook publisher I work with earlier this year. They asked if I wanted to narrate a book by Hubert Joly. Likely you don't know who he is, and I didn't either. Turns out, he was the CEO of Best Buy up to a year or so ago. He had taken the job when Best Buy looked like it was on it's way out, and he turned the company around.

I was intrigued by the title. The words "Heart" and "Business" aren't usually together, and the lessons and stories from a turnaround (especially a spectacular one like Best Buy) sounded interesting. Also, Best Buy is headquartered in Minneapolis, and I have family ties there.

The book didn't disappoint! Hubert has a unique take on capitalism, leadership, and the purpose of business, and he has proved that his approach really works. His "voice" is personable and warm. It was a pleasure to narrate.

Here's the official write up.

How to unleash "human magic" and achieve improbable results.

Hubert Joly, former CEO of Best Buy and orchestrator of the retailer's spectacular turnaround, unveils his personal playbook for achieving extraordinary results.

Joly and his team rebuilt the company into one of the nation's favorite employers, vastly increased customer satisfaction, and dramatically grew Best Buy's stock price, while making Best Buy a leader in sustainability and innovation.

In The Heart of Business, Joly shares the philosophy behind the resurgence of Best Buy: pursue a noble purpose, put people at the center of the business, create an environment where every employee can blossom, and treat profit as an outcome, not the goal.

Putting this approach into practice requires radically rethinking how we view work, how we define companies, how we motivate, and how we lead. Joly shares memorable stories, lessons, and practical advice, all drawn from his own personal transformation from a hard-charging McKinsey consultant to a leader who believes in human magic.

The Heart of Business is a timely guide for leaders ready to abandon old paradigms and reinvent capitalism so that it contributes to a sustainable future. Visit to learn more.

You can find the audiobook on Audible. It was published by Gildan Media. You can see links to most of the books I've narrated here.

Hey, if I can give a voice to your project, let me know!


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