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Fitness Chain Video shoot

A few months ago now I got a call from a local producer. He was creating a video (or potentially set of videos) for a regional fitness chain called Edge Fitness. They were introducing a new tier of at home plus gym membership, and wanted to intro it with a nice looking video.

So, we went down and shot elements for the video below!

The interview portion was fairly simple, a light or two and a nice background looking down at the gym.

The b-roll was a combination of stuff I shot using my motorized slider and gimbal (and a little handheld) and footage from their "studio" system.

We also hired the great Rosemarie Stiller for hair and makeup, which was a treat.

Many times producers don't want to spend the "extra" money for hair and makeup, but it really makes a difference. Jenn was able to look her best. And as an added bonus, she got a professional hairdo for the day!

Everything went smoothly, and the video has been running as an ad since sometime in February to a select group of their members. Now that things are opening up they decided to open up the program to everyone.

This was a fun shoot, not complicated, but I was really pleased I could make it look exactly like they had specified in the briefs.

If I can help you with any project you have, let me know! I shoot video for commercials, corporate projects, video for healthcare and non-profits and more, and I can also provide audio and video post production if needed (though in this case, the post was done by Art at Frame of Mind Digital Media.)

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