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NEW RELEASE: Room of Marvels

Generally I narrate non-fiction books. That may be because of my voice and style, back catalog or the fact that more non-fiction books are turned into audiobooks than fiction books (and that many novels get celebrity narrators). I was able to narrate a travelogue that was told in narrative form, and another book that was essentially a telling of the story through first person Facebook posts.

So I jumped at the chance to narrate this book. Novels give the narrator a chance to act, to find the voice of a character. This novel was written 13 years ago, and is popular enough to have been republished in an expanded addition with a new afterword (and of course, an audiobook version.)

Here's the run down...

Three deaths in three years. His mother. His best friend. And now, his two-year-old daughter.

In this moving story, a Christian author goes to a retreat center to grieve and face the hard questions about God that he is asking in the wake of these losses. If you have ever felt alone, betrayed, abandoned - if you have found yourself asking God why - this novel may be a source of hope. And if you have ever wondered what heaven is like, this book provides a beautiful vision. A Room of Marvels is a masterful, dreamlike tale that speaks to the eternal in the midst of our most painful earthly losses.

This expanded edition of the beloved book has a new afterword from James Bryan Smith. Finding your room of marvels will give you reason to live. Again.

The book was similar to the great C.S. Lewis book "The Great Divorce" and "Jack" even makes an appearance. The author also based the novel on his own experiences, with the best friend character being based on none other than the great Christian musician Rich Mullins.

It's a moving and beautiful book. Several times I cried while narrating it. If you've suffered a loss, this book is a wonderful story of hope. Check it out. The audiobook was produced by Christian Audio and you can find it on Audible or wherever you get your audiobooks! You can also check out the other audiobooks I've narrated on my website.

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