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Behind the Scenes of Behind the Mystery

Back in April I got a call from a local production studio who I have worked with many times. They asked if I was available to be a DP/Camera Op on a shoot. And of course, I said yes.

The project turned out to be for the show "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime, for a segment called "Behind the Mystery". As they say on their website, it is "A specialized, recurring segment devoted to rare and genetic diseases, Behind The Mystery highlights the emotional, scientific, and medical aspects associated with rare and genetic diseases. We clarify the often-complex issues by offering easy-to-understand explanations from top experts in the field. Our goal is to expand awareness for rare and genetic diseases through partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies while giving voices to the patients, families, and advocates affected via our national television platform."

Shooting b-roll on a Sony FS7, using a motorized slider.

Our task was to interview the mom of a boy who has Fragile X Syndrome, and then shoot some b-roll of her and her family.

Needless to say, the interview was quite interesting. Ilana Garber, the mom, was engaging and emotional, but also able to speak technically about the syndrome as well. The interview lasted for about an hour and a half. We shot both angles using Sony FS7's. We then set up a few b-roll shots of Ilana looking at pictures of her sons, as well as shots of some family photos.

Canon C70 with microphone.

Once that was all done, I took my Canon C70 and shot b-roll of the family playing outdoors on the specially designed gym they have for the boys. It was really neat to see the love and care that the whole family exhibited for each other. I didn't have much time to think or set up shots (Yaron, the son, has a lot of energy!) so I just followed the family as they played and interacted. Everything was spontaneous and full of life and joy.

Here's the segment! (The thumbnail is even one of my shots!)

It was really neat to be a part of a project that is bringing awareness to the public about something they may not have heard about (I certainly hadn't), but that impacts people in profound ways. And it's always fun to be able to see your work end up on TV!

So, if you need to shoot something for TV, or for any other reason, reach out!

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