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2021: My Year In Review

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

As 2020 drew to a close, I had a feeling that things would start to begin to get normal. And they largely did very quickly! Work ramped up fairly quickly, and it seemed like as the year went on it increased. We aren't out of the woods on Covid-19 yet but taking precautions and making sure myself, my colleagues, and my clients are safe during out interactions became like second nature.

I'm so very grateful for the people who placed their trust in my hands. It's so fun to be able to help bring life to ideas, whether it's as a the voiceover, an actor in a production, being on the production team, or bringing life to a project from beginning to end as the producer.

Here are a few highlights from my year.

Much of my work in 2020 was audiobook narration, and that continued to be the case in 2021. I narrated over 30 books this year!

Last year I recorded a 21.5 hour book, and this year I ended up besting that record by 10 hours! That 31 or so hour book will release in 2022. I narrated a book by Fred Guttenberg, gun control activist and father of a Parkland victim and the memoir of Hubert Joly, former CEO of Best Buy. I also narrated medical books, business books and religious books. Each one was interesting in it's own way, and I'm looking forward to narrating many more in 2022.

I had other voiceover work too, including a bunch of e-learning modules for several new and older clients.

In addition I was the voice for many medical videos, corporate videos, and commercial voiceover for radio or TV, and even a character in a video game trailer. I also did the VO for the launch of the Lexus LX in Saudi Arabia. Much of my VO work isn't available to see online, but I try to collect what does pop up online.

I did have a couple fun projects I was able to act in! Unfortunately they are for corporate use so they aren't available to the public. I played a doctor in a medical device instructional video (for which I also did the voiceover) and the kind of creepy friend of the main character in a series of instructional videos for therapists among others.

I also continued my role hosting a series of virtual events and videos for the Barnum Museum. Pretty fun!

This year the share of my work that was production or post-production grew quite a bit as Covid restrictions eased and companies and organizations began searching for new ways to reach clients and customers. As things began to open up and get safer, more and more work came in from existing and new clients!

Among other things, I was able to again shoot the opening start video for a NASCAR race; I started live streaming events for a private school; I worked with a local non-profit to help make their virtual gala; I shot video for a fitness chain debuting their new membership tier; I created several videos for my town economic development team; I produced 8 videos (traveling to 3 cities!) for a fundraising gala for a nationwide non-profit; I did the audio mixing and mastering on a set of radio commercials; and I ended the year on a high note by helping to shoot and edit a Christmas Concert (again!)

Content Creation

I also tried to keep going on my local Connecticut based YouTube channel, where I showcase the fun things we have in Connecticut. As the year wore on and I became busier I found less time than I hoped, but I managed to get a few episodes out.


I am incredibly grateful for all the clients who have been willing to partner with me and allowed me to do all of this. While things definitely improved over 2020, this was still a tough year, and nothing quite seems "back to normal" just yet. I am cognizant of how privileged I've been, and thank you for the trust you put in me.

As this year closes I wish for health, happiness and success for everyone. May this year bring a renewed sense of optimism and hope to us all.

Here's to a great 2022!

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