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Doctor Li and the Crown-wearing Virus

As you may know, I started a YouTube channel during this Coronovirus pandemic. Every night I post a video of me reading a different children's story. I figured it was something I could do to help ease the strain of this virus on parents and kids. We're up over 100 subscribers and people seem to be enjoying them.

In addition, a former co-worker and I collaborated to create a video version of the book "Coronavirus: A Book for Children". A simple video that has good information for kids about the virus. We are both just two dads trying to help make things easier during this time.

Well, about a week ago my wife came across another book for kids about the virus. Francesca Cavallo, bestselling author of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls wrote a book she is offering as a free download. At first I was skeptical of reading another one, but this book was about Dr. Li Wenliang, the man who first discovered and alerted the world to COVID-19, and about the scientists, researchers, doctors and nurses who are the heroes of this pandemic.

When I read it, I realized this book was different from the last one. Cavallo said she wrote it to "find ways to keep children informed about what is happening, while helping you have meaningful, honest conversations with them." I appreciated it because it was less about what the virus is (though it definitely talks about that) but about the people fighting it. The author has been clear about trying to get this book out to as many people as possible, and it has been translated into multiple languages. And you can get a copy simply by going here and signing up!

I figured an audio version would help get it out there more, and so I narrated and animated it for my channel. The beautiful illustrations are by Claudia Flandoli.

I've been blessed to have work during this time, narrating a few audiobooks and working on other voiceover work. Because I am fairly busy, I had hoped I could collaborate with Rui (my co-worker) again on this video, but he unfortunately lost his job in layoffs at our former company and felt he didn't have time to spend on this. So I carved out the time to create this one.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you'll be inspired by the heroes of our time, and that this book is a powerful reminder of the beauty of science, and of the importance of kids doing their homework!

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