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Revealed Connecticut: Macricostas Preserve

A few years ago, as part of my work, I interviewed Constantie (Deno) Macricostas, the founder of Photronics a company that makes photomasks for silicon chips. If you have an iPhone you likely have a chip made from their photomask! It's a global company and it's headquartered in Brookfield, Connecticut.

He was older at the time, and had stepped back from running the company (though he is still Chairman of the Board). Because of this we took the time to run a more comprehensive interview than we needed for the video, asking about his early life (he was an immigrant from Greece) and about the history of the company.

One thing he mentioned in the interview was that he loved the beauty in CT, and wanted to give back to the state that helped him get to where he was. So he bought and gifted a substantial plot of land to the Steep Rock Association in Washington, CT.

And what a piece of land! In this video my family and I hike to Waramaug's Rock, the to the top of the peak on that land, to take in the spectacular view!

Join us as Revealed Connecticut goes to Macricostas Preserve!

You can check out more of the Revealed Connecticut videos on YouTube, and follow on Facebook or Instagram to see more of our great little state!

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2 comentarios

Jun-Jun Wan
Jun-Jun Wan
26 sept 2022

Are there any transcripts of your interview with Constantie (Deno) Macricostas? Many thanks

Me gusta
William Sarris
William Sarris
29 sept 2022
Contestando a

Unfortunately I don't own the footage. It was shot for his business internally. You could check with them.

Me gusta
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