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Revealed Connecticut: Pleasure Beach

In addition to reading stories for kids on YouTube, I also run a small YouTube channel dedicated to fun things to do in Connecticut (where I live). It's called Revealed Connecticut (or Revealed CT for short) and there's also an Instagram and Facebook page associated with it.

The impetus for the channel was realizing all the fun things my family was doing that I had never heard of even as a native Nutmegger.

Some of the things on Revealed CT are somewhat well known (such as Sleeping Giant State Park) but some, for whatever reason, are not as well known (March Farms, The Steep Rock Association land).

The video debuting today is one of the latter. Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport.

When I moved to Connecticut as a lad of 12, Bridgeport had a bad reputation. The city had gone bankrupt, crime was up, and most people stayed away.

But through many efforts over the last 30 or so years Bridgeport has come a long way. It has several music and sports venues, a vibrant downtown, a world class museum and... a really nice beach!

I had intended for this video, and many others, to come out much earlier. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic and several other factors in my life, I put the channel on hold. While many of the hikes are still available for Connecticutters to enjoy, things like the Submarine Force Museum, March Farms and Pleasure Beach are not open.

I'll still try to finish and post videos based on things I have done, in hopes that as we come out of the pandemic we can enjoy them again!

Stay safe and healthy!

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