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Voiceover & Production All-In-One!

I live in a small town in Connecticut called Oxford. While it started as a rural farming community, it's become so much more than that over the years. It's got a thriving over 55 community with an excellent golf course, great schools and a thriving industrial sector that is home to quite a few businesses. And it has the second largest airport in Connecticut.

In the middle of last year I got a call from the economic development team in my town. They had started up a YouTube channel and were interested in creating content to promote the town as a great place to live and work.

So we came up with a budget and plan to create a series of videos. I wrote the script and in the early fall I started shooting.

Here's a link to the first video we've done.

This project really showcases all of the talents I can bring to a project. I shot much of the footage and supervised the drone work to get the shots I knew I needed. I wrote the script, and then provided the voiceover. And I edited the whole thing together, choosing music and sweetening the audio to make it pop. I knew that to really showcase some of the town I'd need drone shots, and so I called in my buddy Rui at DronerCT. He worked his magic on a couple of really nice days, and we got what we needed.

It's a fun little video that showcases the town well, and has received some great feedback. We just started planning the next video or two, and we'll be shooting and rolling those out soon.

So, maybe you need a fully produced video like this. Or maybe you just need some element of it. Check out some of my work, and please contact me and let's talk about how I can help you bring your project to life!

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