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2020: What a Year...

Well, it is now the end of 2020. What a year...

At the beginning of the year I was splitting my time working full time at a small production company in CT as a senior producer/editor and trying to balance that with a voiceover business that was seeing a lot of growth.

In February I ended up leaving the full time position to strike out on my own. And then... well, you know what happened. Great time to leave a position and start something new huh?

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that has changed all of our lives and resulted in so much hurt and pain, I was able to continue to do business. Voiceover in this day and age is something that can be done from home, so while the pandemic did almost stop my production work, the voiceover work continued. I am incredibly lucky that this was the case, and I know that many people have not been so fortunate.

Here are a few highlights from my year in business.

Much of my work is audiobook narration, and I narrated quite a few this year. A few I am proud of are the longest book I've recorded (21 and a half hours!) on a very serious subject; a book on the intersection between a popular science fiction franchise and philosophy; and my first novel. I also narrated medical books, business books and religious books.

I had other voiceover work too, including a bunch of e-learning modules for the National Association of Electrical Distributors and a course teaching how to fly the Embraer KC-390. In addition I was the voice for many medical videos, corporate videos, and commercial voiceover for radio or video (including for a new protective fabric for firefighters) and an audio guide for a museum exhibition overseas.

On camera work was obviously hard to come by this year, given the requirements to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus. However I did have one fun project I was able to act in! Unfortunately the video was for corporate use, so it isn't available to the public. But hey, I'll take it. It was nice to stretch the acting muscles a little.

In addition, I started to help with the creation of a YouTube channel for the Barnum Museum (a local museum in Bridgeport, CT) My main role is to host a series of virtual events and videos for the museum. Pretty fun!

But, I don't only do voiceover work. I picked up a few production and post production clients as well, and was able to continue doing that work. As I said earlier, much of that stopped as we got further into the pandemic, but as the spring turned to summer a few opportunities presented themselves. I helped shoot a few weddings for a colleague, I was able to shoot the opening start video for a NASCAR race, I am working to produce and host videos for a YouTube channel for a local museum; I helped shoot a music video for a Christmas song, and I ended the year on a high note by helping to shoot and do all the editing on a Christmas Concert.

Content Creation

In addition to all this, I started a YouTube channel for kids, where I used my expertise as both a voice actor and a video producer/DP/editor to help give parents a break and bring fun stories into kids lives. I even did a story about the virus itself (two in fact!) I also tried to keep going on my local Connecticut based YouTube channel, where I showcase the fun things we have in Connecticut. This was tough this year, but I managed to get a few episodes out.

I am incredibly grateful for all the clients who have worked with me and allowed me to do all of this. This was a tough year. I had no idea if everything would stop or continue. Through it all I've been very cognizant of how privileged I've been, and I've tried to give back and give to those in need because of it.

As this year closes I wish for health, happiness and success for everyone. May this year bring a renewed sense of optimism and hope to us all.

Here's to a great 2021!


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