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Who is Barnum to You?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

As you may know, my business has two sides. I am an actor (primarily in the voiceover space) and I am also a video producer/dp/director/editor.

As an actor I am generally performing behind a microphone (though I do work on camera, and you can see some commercials on my website). As a video "preditor" I am generally also hidden from view.

I've had a relationship with the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport for a while. I was the DP and editor, and then the director and producer on several videos for them over the last few years, and through that I met and became friends with several the people who work there.

A few months ago Kathy Maher, the executive director of the museum, asked me to host a series of live streaming events they were going to do. Covid has had a real impact on the museum industry with many not being able to open. So they have been turning to various online platforms to engage visitors. The Barnum Museum has been in that position for longer than most and so had a great start toward engaging people online through video and other programs. And they wanted to really step up their game and start creating more content.

After various discussions, and one live streaming event, I have now become the host of a series of videos on the museum's YouTube channel called "Who is Barnum to YOU?!?" where I interview special guests about the impact P.T. Barnum has had on them. The idea is to explore the inspiration Barnum has been on everyone from lawyers to circus performers and everything in between! We will still being trying to do some livestreaming events as well, and in general trying to help bring awareness of the museum out to the public.

The first of my videos dropped today, an interview with Tim Tegge, an entertainer and archivist. Check it out!

Since I also am a videographer, I am involved in the production and post-production process for the videos along with DronerCT: Rui Pinho Media Services. I think it turned out really well.

We recorded another episode the day we recorded this one (according to Covid guidelines of course) and we will be recording a few more soon.

As always, if you need a video created for your organization, or need a voice or performer for your project, let me know!

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